Gallmac Advantages

  • Side articulation (Super offset digging capability)
  • The arm is articulated in 3 seconds
  • 360 degree rotating turret
  • Reduces rotating range compared to other machines
  • Maximum efficiency for working in narrow places , especially urban areas
  • Makes it possible to work beyond barriers and obstacles
  • Extreme lifting capabilities, even under the machine

Hydraulic Specifications:
  • Two independent circuits for transmission and working movements (turret rotation and arm kinetics)
  • Hydraulic system for arm movement, driven through a variable displacement “REXROTH” pump (280 bar)
  • DANFOSS distributor type LOAD SENSING
  • Transmission to wheels in closed circuit, with variable displacement pump and REXROTH motor (working pressure 430 bar)
  • Automotive adjustment for the transmission
  • Hydraulic extr a circuits for special applications
  • Sensitivity to even the smallest of movements, giving the operator absolute control
  • Simultaneity of all movements on the boom
  • Maximum traction force in both directions
  • Lower oil heating
  • Fuel saving