General Specifications

Gallmac multipurpose machines carry out three basic, but extremely valuable functions:


Loading with 360 degree rotating turret


Excavation, with super offset digging arm


Lifting, also underneath the machine

Because of its multipurpose capabilities, this machine can hardly be directly compared to traditional excavators and backhoes.
Important General Specifications for Gallmacs:
  • A 360-degree rotating turret that allows for truck loading without moving the machine
  • Quick coupling that is electrically controlled from the cab that makes changing tools quick and easy
  • An engine located on the frame, which lowers the machine’s center of gravity and provides maximum stability
  • A front dozer blade and central outriggers, giving increased stability — especially when used as a loader
  • An extended articulated arm that increases the height and depth capabilities for loading/unloading
  • Four steering and driving wheels, allowing for maximum mobility in narrow spaces. This includes crab steering and a minimum steering within the category
  • A cab full of windows that gives the operator complete visibility during loading
  • Rear axle swinging of 10 degrees with self-locking differential
  • A max speed of up to 28 km/hr