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Multifunction Equipment Sales was formed in April 2009.
The Gallmac is new to Canada, but not to the workforce.

The parent company of Multifunction Equipment Sales, Frontier Fence and Guard Rail Ltd. has been operating in Alberta for over 20 years. Since our establishment, Frontier Fence has proudly served contractors, road builders, oil companies and private landowners using our specialized, custom-designed equipment. Our machines enable us to work through sloughs, steep grades and all combinations of terrain, making it easy for us to offer our services to customers all over Alberta.

Initially, Frontier Fence primarily specialized in guardrail, thrie beam and guide post installation. However, over the past several years, we have expanded our services to include traffic signs, crash cushion installations and temporary traffic detours/concrete barrier handling.

Frontier Fence has always been interested in opportunities and products that will help us improve our work. So, in 2005, the sales and rentals of Omega temporary fence panels — operating under the name of Construction Fence Rentals — was added to our company.

Not too long after this addition Frontier Fence and Guard Rail Ltd. had some improvement ideas of our own involving a new attachment idea for work machines. After months of researching and comparing the capabilities of several machines, we found that only one had the applications to make our idea possible — the Gallmac. Frontier Fence and Guardrail, Ltd., bought its first Gallmac in January 2007, and it quickly proved itself through vigorous everyday road constructions.

After owning and operating the Gallmac for almost two years we were impressed with its smooth performance, easy maintenance, reliability and incredible versatility. We also knew, through our own purchasing experience, that this machine’s manufacturer, Tesmec, has a knowledgeable staff, produces superior quality, and is willing to put time and care into the building of every Gallmac machine. We wanted other Canadian businesses to see the Gallmac and what it could do for them. Frontier Fence and Guard Rail Ltd., therefore approached Tesmec to propose a Canadian dealership. In April of 2009 Multifunction Equipment Sales was formed.

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